About Us

From humble beginnings, Inoxsa has developed into a diversified group that pot factorymanufactures a comprehensive range of aluminium and stainless steel cookware under the Oli & NMC Exquisite brands. The modern plant is situated in Stanger, some 70km north of Durban, South Africa.

Inoxsa is a leading manufacturer of cookware in South Africa, and is driven by quality and technology. Our attention to market trends, and the collective skills of our dedicated staff and management has developed a team with a spirit to match the best. We are justifiably proud of our achievements, and look forward to being of service to you.

Inoxsa's Oli Aluminium Pot Division manufactures:

  • Aluminium Pots

  • Alumunium Frying Pans

  • Alumunium Stock Pots

  • Alumunium Cater Pots

NMC's Stainless Steel Cookware Division manufactures:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware

  • Can offer franchise/distributorship in selected countries.

  • For more information visit www.nmcexquisite.com

SABS:ISO 9001 Quality Management System

As the first cookware company in South Africa to implement the coveted SABS:ISO 9001 Quality Oli aluminium pots Sabs iso 9001Management System, Inoxsa remains committed to quality.

Our pots and pans have also been CPA approved for selected chain stores.

As manufacturers of cookware we are prepared to manufacture cookware to your quality specifications.

Call us and let us put together a winning combo.